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Shemekka Ebony Coleman, MS

  • Shemekka Ebony Coleman, MS

"Be a mirror alongside others, when they cannot see the brilliance within themselves."

-Shemekka Ebony Coleman, MS

Shemekka Ebony is a 100 Million Healthier Lives Health and Racial Equity leader and a Johns Hopkins’ Health Policy Research Scholars Leadership Coach, an initiative funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Shemekka is committed to expanding awareness about policy transformation in the areas of hair discrimination, racial equity, health equity, and economic equity with marginalized communities and emphasis with Black Women. I Am Brilliant is her flagship organization and engagement strategy dedicated to connecting all the threads that weave through communities in order to provide people better access, honor their experiences, and institute best practices for sustainable partnerships. She consults several Community and National organizations for best practices in community engagement. She also serves as state advisor to North Carolina Black Women’s Roundtable as well as convener of Black Women vendors and entrepreneurs seeking economic power and inclusion through her Black Girl Magic Market platform. Her life's work guides her community engagement expertise with I Am Brilliant & the CROWN Campaign.

Yolanda Roary, M. A., CLC, NETSP

  • Yolanda Roary, M. A., CLC, NETSP

"For in all of us there is a destiny tied to someone else. Let us love, share, and give, that we may grow in greatness together"

-Yolanda Roary, M. A., CLC, NETSP

Yolanda Roary is a dedicated wife, business owner, and mother of three children. Helping others has always been a heartfelt desire. Her 19-year experience in the medical field has been a catalyst for her work as a chronic disease case manager, and community navigator in her church and community. A thriving desire to guide those in need through the doors of better health mentally, and physically drives the leader within. She is the founder and Lead Coach/Consultant at Total Grace Consulting, LLC.  The SCALE Initiative, and her work as a member of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement 100 Million Healthier Lives Movement have propelled her into a new level of leadership and engagement with Kershaw County and its residents. As a PLE Steward, and IHI faculty, she continues to provide support and enhance community engagement by becoming a voice to those deemed voiceless by inequities. She takes pride in revealing injustices whether organizational, systemic, or individual. It is her continual goal to see communities thrive in equitable spaces. Her work with inequities has broadened as she utilizes her certifications in Adult Mental Health First Aid, and her partnership with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). She provides education to students, families and school staff in South Carolina by dispelling myths, and stigmas attached to mental illness.

Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, Ph.D

  • Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, Ph.D

 “Sharing our lived experiences brings the faceless issues to the heart to promote change.“

-Dr. Bernice B. Rumala, Ph.D

Dr. Bernice B. Rumala is a leader focused on equity, systems transformation, and addressing systemic racism for individuals and organizations.  With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Rumala earned a PhD and three masters degrees from Columbia University and served as a Fogarty-Fulbright and Harvard Fellow.  She has contributed her interdisciplinary expertise as a change agent in the public, private, academic and international sectors.  As a former senior consultant for the United Nations, her areas of interest and expertise include equity, health equity, social justice, diversity, inclusion, discrimination, racism, interdisciplinary-programming, advocacy, community engagement, research, evaluation, and systems transformation.  Dr. Rumala has lived experience of the ongoing challenges of severe inequities and the detrimental impacts to individuals and communities, specifically vulnerable communities and communities of color.  This is unacceptable to her and should not be the norm.  Dr. Rumala also considers herself a global citizen based on international experiences in more than 30 countries. She has had global experiences in stable regions as well as regions impacted by war, conflict, and instability, including Iraq where she worked for the United Nations. She continues to contribute her expertise as a global and local leader, consultant, and, is a Co-Founder for the CROWN Campaign and the Founding CEO of the Change Agent Firm.


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