People with Lived Experience have knowledge on  a system, process or issue from the perspective of those affected by, or trying to engage with, that resource.

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PLE Leadership Team

The People with Lived Experience (PLE) Leadership team have a passion for addressing the root causes of inequities in communities.  The PLE Leadership team conducted listening sessions with communities impacted by inequities and the several themes arose as needs for authentically engaging people with lived experience in a sustainable way (Rumala, B.B., Coleman, S.E., Roary, Y. Engaging People with Lived Experience of Inequities: Assessment and Resource Guide (2020).  The themes that arose are voice, value, equity, power dynamics, ownership, resources, process, co-design, and co-leadership and these areas form the core of tailored services for individuals and organizations to achieve better and sustainable results by engaging people with lived experience of inequities.

Services We Are Offering

The People with Lived Experience Leadership Team offers services in the form of

  • tailored coaching,

  • workshops,

  • webinars, and

  • technical assistance.

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